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Cable datos USB para Nokia 2112/2115/2115i/2270/2272/2280/2285/3100/3105/3108/3120/3125/3200/3205/3220/3570/3585/3585i/3586/3586i/3587/3587i/3588/3588i/3589/3589i/5100/5140/6011i/6012/6015/6015i/6016i/6019i/6020/6021/6100/6101/6102/6108/6200/6220/6225/65

7.19 EUR

Referencia: dku-5

  • Sin Iva: 5.94 EUR

  • 2 o más 6.90 EUR
  • 10 o más 6.35 EUR
  • 20 o más 5.89 EUR

Formas de Envio:

  • Envio Gratuito 48/72 horas
  • Envio Tourline Express 24h
  • Envio MRW 24h
  • Envio DHL Express

Formas de Pago:

  • Contrareembolso
  • Pago tarjeta credito Visa, Mastercard
  • Pago por Paypal
  • ​Pago por Tranferencia Bancaria

Support Models:
Nokia 2112/2115/2115i/2270/2272/2280/2285/3100/3105/3108/3120/3125/3200/






-Install Java applications/games from the PC to the phone.

-Send text messages and edit the phone book and message settings of your phone. Edit and backup phone contacts.

-Copy images to and from your phone and make images usable for multimedia messages or wallpapers.

-Copy data or back-up data from your phone to PC or to another Nokia phone.

-Synchronize the phone book, calendar and to-do notes between your phone and PC. Also with Lotus and Microsoft applications (Supports Outlook 97/98/2000/XP, Microsoft Schedule, Lotus Notes, Lotus Organizer).

-Edit polyphonic ringing tones to be compatible with your phone and to transfer them to your phone

-Edit and send your WAP bookmarks or update the connection sets to your phone.

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