FY3212S-12MHz 12Mhz Dual-ch DDS Function Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator + sweep +Software

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FY3212S-12MHz 12Mhz Dual-ch DDS Function Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator + sweep +Software12Mhz Dual-ch DDS Function Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator + sweep +Software Model: FY3012S Manual download: This... Read more...

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FY3212S-12MHz 12Mhz Dual-ch DDS Function Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator + sweep +Software

12Mhz Dual-ch DDS Function Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator + sweep +Software

Model: FY3012S

Manual download:

This manual applies to each mode of FY3200S series DDS Function Signal Generator. In the series,
the last two digits “xx” represent the upper limit frequency value (MHz) of Sine Wave for each mode.
For example, FY3212S,“12” means the upper limit frequency of Sine Wave is12MHz.
The instrument adopts large scale CMOS integrated circuit and high speed microprocessor. The
internal circuit adopts active crystal oscillator as benchmark. So the signal stability is greatly
strengthened. Surface mounting technology improves interference immunity and operational life span. It
has Dual-channel DDS signal output, includes Sine wave, Square wave, Triangle wave, Sawtooth wave
and user-defined waveform. The amplitude, offset and phase can be controlled. Meanwhile, it has TTL
electric level output, External frequency measurement, counter and sweep functions including Linear
sweep and Logarithmic sweep. Both the sweep frequency and time can be set arbitrarily. It’s the ideal
instrument for electronic engineering, laboratories, production lines, teaching and scientific research.
Excellent technical indexes and function features:
◆Sampling rate up to 250 MSa/s.
◆Built-in arbitrary waveform with 250 MSa/s sampling rate.
◆4 downloadable 2048 dots arbitrary waveform memories
◆With 12 bit wide waveform generator, the output waveform can be more delicate with low
◆Fully numerical control. It can display and numerical control amplitude, offset, frequency, duty
cycle of current signal output and phase difference of two channels.
◆Each function can be adjusted by host computer.
◆Preinstalled 14 common waveforms.
◆High frequency accuracy: magnitude 10-6
◆High resolution: Full range frequency resolution can be 10 mHz.
◆Both main and subsidiary wave duty cycle are adjustable separately (0.1%~99.9%).
◆All range continuously adjustable, digital directly setting.
◆High waveform accuracy: The output waveform synthesized by function calculation is of high
accuracy and low distortion.
◆Arbitrary waveform: User can load arbitrary waveform according to the need.
◆Sweep Function : Linear sweep and Logarithmic sweep. Starting and stop points can be set
◆Save function: 20 sets of parameters defined by the users can be saved and loaded anytime.
◆Operation mode: Button and knob controlled with LCD1602 display, digital set directly or knob
adjusted continuously.
◆Highly reliable : Large scale integrated circuit, Surface mounting technology, reliable and
◆Frequency measurement : Frequency of internal / external signal can be measured through
built-in 100MHz frequency meter.
◆Follow function: Built-in parameter follow function covering frequency, amplitude, offset, duty
cycle, waveform etc. for user’s convenience.
◆Trigger output function: User can choose manual trigger, external trigger or CH2 trigger to
control the main output to output waveforms of specified periodicity. This periodicity can also be defined by the user

Product Function and Technology Indexes

Model FY3212S
Sine wave frequency range 0Hz~12 MHz
Square wave frequency range 0Hz~6MHz
Triangle wave frequency range 0Hz~6MHz
Arbitrary wave frequency wave 0Hz~6MHz
Parameters of signal output

Output channel
CH1 and CH2 dual channel high speed output separately.
Output waveform: Sine wave, square wave (duty cycle adjustable), triangle wave, sawtooth wave, arbitrary wave, common pulse, noise, electrocardiogram, AM, FM etc.
Output amplitude ≥20Vp-p(No load)
Output impedance 50Ω±10%
DC offset ±10V
Resolution 0.01Hz(10mHz)
Frequency accuracy ±5×10-6
Frequency Stability ±2×10-6/3小时
Sine wave distortion ≤0.8% (reference frequency 1kHz)
Triangle linearity ≥98% (0.01Hz~10kHz)
Rise and fall time of square wave ≤100ns
Square wave duty cycle range 0.1%~99.9%
TTL output Dual-channel TTL electric level synchronize with CH1 and CH2. Phase differences are adjustable.
Electric level range >3.3Vp-p
Fan-out >20 TTL (Load)
Level rise fall time ≤20ns

Frequency Counter function

Counter range 0-4294967295
Frequency meter range 1Hz~100MHz
Input Voltage Range 2Vp-p~20Vp-p
Sweep function Only CH1 has this function.
Sweep mode Linear sweep, Logarithmic sweep
Frequency setting range Starting and stop points can be set optionally.
Sweep range fM1 (pre-set) ~ fM2 (pre-set)
Sweep speed 1s~99s /step-by-step

Other features

Display mode
LCD1602 in English
Save and load M0-M19(Default: M0)
Buzzer warning tone Can be turned On/Off by setting
Wide working voltage range AC85V~AC260V
Production technology Surface mounting technology, large scale integrated circuit, reliable and durable
Operating Buttons controlled & knob adjusted continuously.
Work condition Temp.:0~40℃ Humidity:﹤80%
Dimension 200mm (Long)×190mm(Wide) ×90mm(High)
Weight 500g(bare machine),Accessory(150g)


1、FY3212S Function Signal Generator 1 Set
2、Power cord 1 Piece
3、Square port USB wire 1 Piece
4、Q9 clip wire 2 Pieces

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