2 in 1 rework station MLINK H5

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2 in 1 rework station MLINK H5H5 is a rework tools that combined heat gun and soldering station perfectly. Not only does it operate simply and comfortable, but save room largely. Product Characteristics 1.Multifuncti... Read more...

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2 in 1 rework station MLINK H5

H5 is a rework tools that combined heat gun and soldering station perfectly. Not only does it operate simply and comfortable, but save room largely.

Product Characteristics
1.Multifunctional Integrated Desoldering Maintenance System Combined.by Rework Station and Soldering Station.
2.The core of the whole machine controlled by the single and microwave chip to make sure of temperature accuracy and stability of rework station and soldering station; not simply combined by the two equipments.
3.Clear digital display of the current working temperature and conditions
4.Temperatures of rework station and soldering station continuously adjusted by digital buttons to meet the needs in different workplaces.
5.The two stations can work separately.
6.Intuitive fault indication function.

Rework Station
Working Voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
Output Power: 700W
Temperature Range: 100°C~500°C
Temperature Stability: ±5°C
Air Flow: 120L/min (max)

Soldering Station
Working Voltage: AC 26V 50Hz
Output Power: 60W
Temperature Range: 200°C-480°C
Temperature Stability: ±2°C(static)
Ground Impedance: <2 Ohm
Ground Voltage: <3mV

Parts List
Mlink H5 solder station x 1PC
Iron holder x 1PC
Clean sponge x 1PC
3 Nozzles for hot Air
Free replacement Hot Air heating element 700w x 1 Pc
Free replacement iron heating element 50w x 1 Pc
Free 5 aditional tips

Rules of Safety
Using this device, you must abide by the following measures in order not to get an electric shock, result in damages to people or result in fire, etc.
1.In order to secure the safety of people, you must use the parts or accessories that the factory of origin certificates or recommends; or it will lead to serious aftermaths.
2.This rework station must be repaired by qualified technicians or the appointed person by us.
3.This device makes use of three-wire grounding plug, should plug it into three-hole grounding outlet. Do not change the outlet or ungrounded adapter which would lead to being bad ground.
4.be careful, for it is operated at a high temperature which is more than 400℃.Don't use it near flammable and explosive gas and objects, for the tip and the air from it are steaming-hot, which can burn people. Don't touch the heating element or spray the hot air against people.
5.When the hot air rework station starts to work, don't leave from your post.
6.When it starts to work, don't install the nozzle until the heating pipe and nozzle are cooled
7.Please keep the draughts of input and output expedites; there should be no block.
8.After using it, remember to cool the machine. You should put the handle into the handle frame. When the machine is in the waiting state, you can make the power off.
9.Do not use the iron tip to do anything except soldering. Do not make the iron beat table to Cleary the remains of flux, which will damage the iron badly.
10. When it was soldering, it will smoke. Please keep the work environment ventilation.

Rousing the hot air rework.Under the waiting state, display does not show state neither of the two channel. LED display shows the working state of soldering station & SMD.rework and restores last time settings, as long as you hold the handle of the rework station again.

Symbol description
Display “- -1” means the rework station partly does not start that the heating cord is off.
Display“SLP”means the rework station enters the waiting mode.
Display “- -2” means the soldering station partly does not start that the heating cord is off.
Display “S-E” means there is something wrong with the sensor of the working channel, so the device stops outputting signal.
Display “H-E” means the heating elements of the channel may be damaged partly.
Bottom of the decimal point of the display: all are lighting which means heating; all snub out which means stopping heating; some is flicker means the temperature of one channel, at least, is stably.

Correcting temperature
You should correct temperature after changing the heating elements or iron tip. When you correct temperature, please use no sense and suitable screwdriver stretch into corresponding hole of “CAL”, then rotate fine tuning toward left or right.

Replacement of the heating element
Step1.Release two fixed screws of the hand
Step2.Remove hand shell 1, and then hand shell 2.
Step3.Remove the fan gently, the take out fixed screw on the connected wire board.
Step4.Converse the board and disconnect the connecting wire of theheating element, pay MLINKtion to the position for the connecting wire.
Step5.Take out the damaged heating element from the steel tube, and replace the now. According to the contrary method, install the handle correctly.

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