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Kit Nokia Flasher 4 connectores

9.58 EUR
Not available

Product Code: KNFSH4C

  • Ex Tax: 7.92 EUR

  • 2 or more 9.20 EUR
  • 10 or more 8.46 EUR
  • 20 or more 7.86 EUR

Ways of delivery:

  • Ctt Expresso
  • Collissimo 
  • Bartolini 
  • DPD
  • Swiss Post
  • EMS

Payment Methods:

  • Cash on delivery (Spain & Portugal)
  • Payment by Paypal
  • Payment with Visa, Mastercard
  • ​Payment by Bank Transfer


Telefonos y versiones soportados.
Nokia 3210 [NSE-8]: V05.31, V05.36, V06.00
Nokia 3310 [NHM-5]: V03.24, V04.02, V04.06, V4.18, V4.19, V4.23, V4.24, V4.35, V4.45
Nokia 3330 [NHM-6]: V3.05, V3.10, V3.12, V4.12, V4.16, V4.30
Nokia 6150 [NSM-2]: V5.22, V5.23
Nokia 6210 [NPE-3]: V03.01, V03.04, V04.08, V4.27, V4.36, V05.02, V5.17, V5.27
Nokia 6250 [NHM-3]: V04.00, V04.01, V04.04, V04.05, V5.00
Nokia 7110 [NSE-5]: V04.88, V04.94, V05.00, V5.01
Nokia 8210 [NSM-3]: V5.11, V5.16, V5.20, V5.21, V5.25, V5.26, V5.27, V5.28, V5.29
Nokia 8250 [NSM-2]: V3.08, V3.12, V3.18, V3.20
Nokia 8850 [NSM-3D]: V5.16, V5.20, V5.21, V5.25, V5.26, V5.27
Nokia 3390 [NSB-1]: V7.05
Nokia 5190 [NSB-1]: V6.11, V6.71
Nokia 6190 [NSB-3]: V6.13
Nokia 8890 [NSB-6]: V12.06, V12.07, V12.15
Nokia 8290 [NSB-7]: V5.02, V5.06, V5.07
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