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Pack Photofast CR-5400 16GB (Kingston)

12.10 EUR
Not available

Product Code: O010203

  • Ex Tax: 10.00 EUR

  • 2 or more 11.62 EUR
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  • 20 or more 9.92 EUR

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  • Swiss Post
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You will get the same speed as a memory stick pro duo at a reduced price !,

No slowdowns!

100% Compatible * PSP / PSP Slim!

Important to follow instructions.

* The PSP firmware requires the use of 2.81 to withstand greater than 4Gb memory, always check the maximum memory supported by your device before making your purchase.

The adapter is fragile, like MicroSD memories, given the little space left free and the materials used are not to press the adapter while the memories are inserted, you must hold for the front and rear edges using the thumb and forefinger of one hand and use the other to insert the memory should be guided carefully inserting maintaining perpendicularity, since the adapter is for a semi-permanent use and is not intended to remove and insert the MicroSD for reading such as this you must do so from the CR-5400.

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