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Temperature probes

Achi Ir Pro SC thermal sensor

Not available

12.10 EUR Ex Tax: 10.00 EUR

Temperature probe Achi Go Pro SC..

Achi Ir6000 thermal sensor

Not available

16.94 EUR Ex Tax: 14.00 EUR

Achi IR6000 temperature probe ..

Digital thermal sensor TM-902C

In Stock

5.45 EUR Ex Tax: 4.50 EUR

1999 counts max.Low battery indicationK type thermocoupleTemperature range: -50°C ~ 750°C (±0.75%)Po..
Switchable Resolution 0.1° /1.0 ° Data Hold Functioncan switch celsius or farenhait1999 counts max.L..
K type temperature sensor with tube TP02, from -40º to 750º.Using standard connector, with isolated ..
Package Included: 1 X PID Temperature Controller 1 X K Type Probe Sensor 1 X Max.40A SSR Featu..

Thermal sensor Type K

In Stock

3.63 EUR Ex Tax: 3.00 EUR

K type temperature probe..
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Temperature probes