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Measurement tools

1/2'' Drive Angle Gauge Torque Wrench Meter Measurer Adjustable Car Garage Tool Specifica..
17 Blade 0.02mm-1.00mm Precision Metric Feeler Gauge Measure Tool Thickness Set Description: -Ea..

35pcs Brake Caliper Piston Rewind Wind Back Tool Kit

In Stock

35.09 EUR Ex Tax: 29.00 EUR

35pcs Brake Caliper Piston Rewind Wind Back Tool Kit This tool set enables the rewinding of pisto..
5 LED Car Indicator Brake Fluid Oil Tester Detection Pen Auto Test Tool Vehicle How To Check The ..
Size: with heatsink&screwModule Parameters:Input voltage : 5-36VOutput voltage :1.25-32V continuousl..
It is a USB Multimeter USB 3.0 Tester Voltage/Current/Power/Capacity/Charging Panel Meter 5in1 Monit..

7-in-1 Multi-Functional Electrical Parameter Meter

In Stock

10.89 EUR Ex Tax: 9.00 EUR

7-in-1 Multi-Functional Electrical Parameter Meter  Technical Parameter: - Voltage Mea..
PC LCD post test card Professional Version PTI8 is the 2011 lastest computer repair tool, this profe..

Achi Ir Pro SC thermal sensor

Not available

12.10 EUR Ex Tax: 10.00 EUR

Temperature probe Achi Go Pro SC..

Achi Ir6000 thermal sensor

Not available

16.94 EUR Ex Tax: 14.00 EUR

Achi IR6000 temperature probe ..
Adjustable Magnetic Gauge Car Tool Camber Castor Strut Wheel Alignment Description: - This adjus..


Not available

14.52 EUR Ex Tax: 12.00 EUR

Features: DC voltage: 0.1V/0.5V/2.5V/10V/50V/250V/1kV (± 3.0%) AC voltage: 10V/50V/250V/1..
Autek PowerScan YD208 Auto Electric Circuit Tester As PS100 Diagnostic Tool Description: - Perfo..

Automotive Meters MS8211 (ONLY automotive)

In Stock

32.67 EUR Ex Tax: 27.00 EUR

Introduction:Diagnostics just got easier with MS1288 automotive circuit tester, it is smarter, more..
The main functions of the BT-360 battery tester include: Battery test, start test, load test and ot..
Description Type: Alarm Systems & Security for Coolant Temperature and other ECU real..

Bench-Type Digital Multimeter 8145 VICI

Not available

156.09 EUR Ex Tax: 129.00 EUR

The BH1750 is an ambient light sensor with high resolution and sensitivity. It works with respect to..
Digital Light intensity detection module: GY-30 Chip : BH1750FVI Power supply: 3V-5V power Light ran..

Breakout Box Tester Pin Out Diagnostic Pinout OBD2

In Stock

21.78 EUR Ex Tax: 18.00 EUR

Breakout Box Tester Pin Out Diagnostic Pinout OBD2 This tool is used to change the pin settings o..
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