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Magnifier head strap with lights

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Product Code: m010304-LUPA

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Features: Weight approximately 110 gr.
a clear and strong wide-angle view is obtained through the lenses double 2 square crystals. Easily adjustable to the head by burr strips. Convenient and versatile use. It does not require the user to remove his glasses and keeps your hands free.
Batteries: AAA type 1.5V. 4 units. / Lamps: 2.2V / 0.25ª lamp type focus. Batteries not included.

Operation: Design for a single touch. The unit is supplied with 1.8x and 2.3x magnification. With one touch, you can change increases. Employing an accessory glass increases can be achieved 3.7X and 4.8X up. the view inspections increases precision is improved.

Uses: Suitable for a variety of uses. Both professionals and amateurs dedicated to processing precision manufacturing matrices, photography shots, sculptures, precision inspection, precision drawings and assembly of micro-components, etc.

Maintenance: When the crystals are dirty should be cleaned with alcohol or subjected to a neutral wash. Use other cleaners may be impaired crystals.

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