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Product Code: S010301

Brand: Aoyue

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Powerful 150W output provides easy desoldering of multi-layer boards.
Compact unit with air cylinder type strong suction vacuum pump.
Suited for multi-layered PCB reworking.
The heating element and tip are designed closely to guarantee enough temperature during desoldering.
Power Input: available in 220V
Power Consumption: 70W
Temperature Range: 150 - 380°C
Heating Element: PTC Heating Element
Output Voltage: 24V
Tip to Ground Resistance: below 2 ohms
Tip to Ground Potential: below 2mV
Suction Flow: 15L/min (max)
Vacuum Generator: Double Cylinder
Vacuum Pressure: 600mm Hg
Station Dimensions, mm: 188(w) x 127(h) x 244(d)

Package content:
474 Station
B1002 Desoldering Gun
Desoldering tips (S, M, L)
3017J Filter pads 6pcs.
H022 Silicone Grease
201412 Desoldering gun holder
201252 Filter pipe
204242 Nozzle cleaning pin
Power cord.

Peso: 5.75kg

De las mejores compras que he hecho. Puedes tener todos los componentes de una FA de PC desoldados en menos de media hora.

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