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Aoyue 909 Repairing Station

125.84 EUR
Not available

Product Code: S020301

Brand: Aoyue

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* A high performance station that allows the user to work between soldering and hot sir with direct PCB power supply of up to 15 volts.

* Power supply provides accurate and constant voltage output of 0-15V. Used as power source to mobile phones during repair.

* Anti-static soldering iron.


-Power Input : available in 220V
-Station Dimensions: 188(w) x 126(h) x 250(d) mm
-Weight: 4.8Kg


-Power Consumption: 35W
-Temperature Range: 200 - 480 degrees Celsius
-Heating Element with Tip: Ceramic Heater
-Output Voltage: 24V
-Tip to Ground Resistance: Below 2 ohms
-Tip to Ground Potential: Below 2mV


-Power Consumption: 450W
-Temperature Range: 100 - 500 degrees Celsius
-Heating Element Metal Heating Core
-Nozzle to Ground Resistance: Below 2 ohms
-Pump/Motor Type: Diaphragm Pump
-Air Capacity: 23 L /min (max)


-Total Current 1.5A
-DC output Voltage: 0-15 V


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