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Product Code: 2237

Brand: Aoyue

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* 3 in 1 Repairing System that combines the function of an Infrared welding tool, a soldering iron and a pre-heater.
* Stable and adjustable Infrared welding tool holder for increased precision soldering.
* Built-in vision shield design to protect users from harmful light rays.
* Fully digital and programmable welding time /temperature, soldering temperature and pre-heating temperature.
* Uses infrared heat wave technology instead of the conventional hot air, effectively solves the major problem being encountered when using the hot air gun, which is the movement of surrounding components while reworking.
* Closed loop temperature control for instant and precise process adjustments.


Main Station

-Power Input 220-240
-Power Consumption 600W
-Dimension 348x242x98mm

Infrared Tool

-Power Consumption 165W
-Temperature Range 0-480°C
-Heating Element IR Halogen Lamp
-Power Output 15 VAC

Soldering Iron

-Power Consumption 70W
-Temperature Range 200-480°C
-Heating Element Ceramic Element
-Power Output 24 VAC


-Power Consumption 400W
-Temperature Range Max 350°C at source
-Heating Element Dark Infrared
-Power Output 220VAC

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