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Product Code: 2233

Brand: Aoyue

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The Aoyue HHL3000 temperature control reflow oven is highly versatile equipment for preheatinf and reflowing SMT components and PCB. It has bright LED display that clearly shows the time amd temperature plus a fully digital control panel for monitoring and easy to use.


*Microprocessor-controlled equipment.
*Direct PCB temperature measurement, improves accuracy and lessens damage or distortion.
*Five temperature and time control points with automatic slope adjustment. Configurable to suit different solder paste and circuit boards.
*Two default profiles suitable with most common solder paste specifications.
*Quick and easy resetting of control points for precise tuning of reflow profiles.
*Built-in safety feature of industry standard 0.01°C/s to 3°C/s rising slope.
*Fully digital panel controls and read-out of time and temperature for monitoring and ease of use.
*Highly compatible with lead-free applications.

Technical features:

-Power Input Available in 110V / 220V
-Station Dimensions 360 (l) x 385 (w) x 190 (h) mm
-Weight 3.5 Kgs.
-Heating Power 1100W
-Temperature Range 100°C - 250°C
-Heating Element Type Infrared
-Valid Solder Area 210 mm x 190 mm
-Standard reflow time 4 mins — 8 mins
-Rising slope 0.01 °C/s to 3 °C/s

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