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Aoyue BGA 9001 Infrared Rework Station

6,642.90 EUR
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Product Code: 2480

Brand: Aoyue

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# BGA9001 BGA Rework Station...
For reworking BGAs, micro BGAs, QFPs, PLCCs, SOICs, small SMD and other circuit board components.
Unit produces a concentrated infrared heat wave, for precision soldering. Infrared soldering eliminates movement of surrounding components, and marks on reworked PCB's, both associated with standard hot air gun reworking.
# LCD Monitor with Split Vision Technology...
Camera system allows you to view PCB and bottom of the BGA to help you precisely align the pads before lowering the BGA for placement and soldering. Optimizer controls gives a visual "mixer" for the LCD Display controlling how much of the PCB pads to BGA chip is highlighted on screen. (video demo coming soon).
# Precision X, Y and Rotation adjustment...
Simplifies the fine adjustment of setting the placement / focusing position of the BGA to the PCB.
# Full Digital Control with LED Displays...
Allows precision setting of Infrared temperature & time, Soldering iron temperature and Pre-heating temperatures.
# Closed loop temperature control...
For instant and precise process adjustments.
# Versatile PCB Holder...
Board Capacity of 280 x 430mm.
# Lead Free Soldering Iron and Vacuum Pick-up Handle...
included with the kit along with tips, nozzles, solder paste, flux and more.
# Positionable Vision Shield & Welding Goggles included...
To protect users from harmful light rays.

Kit Contents

* Aoyue BGA9000A Rework Station
* Infrared Shield
* 2 x Infrared Welding Goggles
* LCD Display with mounting pole
* 70W Soldering Iron & Holder
* 3 x Soldering Iron Tips
* Heat Resistant Pad
* Vacuum Pick Up Handle & Nozzles
* BGA Vacuum Nozzles
* IC Removal Tool
* 3 x Tubes of Grease
* 1 x Tube of Solder Paste
* 1 X Tube of Solder Flux
* 3 x Spare Fuses
* Power Cords, Connecting Cables & Vacuum Tubes

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