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Specification:Display : TN/ANTI-UV LCD with LED back-lightingDepth range :0.7m to 100m (2ft to 328ft..
Features:Size: 3mmColor: red, green, yellow, white, blue (each color 20 pcs)Working ..
Features: Brand new and high quality. Rated power: 10W Reference distance: extend 1.2~1.5 times Freq..
Features: Brand new and high quality. Frequency band: TX 144/430MHz; RX 120/150/300/450/900MHZ Imped..

7-in-1 Multi-Functional Electrical Parameter Meter

In Stock

10.89 EUR Ex Tax: 9.00 EUR

7-in-1 Multi-Functional Electrical Parameter Meter Technical Parameter: - Voltage Mea..

ATMEGA328P-PU DIP-32 Microcontroller MCU AVR NEW

In Stock

3.27 EUR Ex Tax: 2.70 EUR

Manufacturer: ATMEL Manufacturer Part No: ATMEGA328P-PU Package / Case: PDIP-28 RoHS: YesSpec..

ATMEGA8A-PU DIP-28 Microcontroller MCU AVR NEW

In Stock

2.42 EUR Ex Tax: 2.00 EUR

The high-performance, low-power Atmel 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller combines 8KB ISP flash me..

Baofeng battery 1500 mah para BF-888S/777s/666s

In Stock

6.41 EUR Ex Tax: 5.30 EUR

Specifications: 1.Type: Li-ion 2.Voltage: DC 3.7V 3.Capacity: 1500mAh 4.Color: Black 5.Weight: ..
Microphone and speaker together.Clip 360 included in the back, which allows to fix easily in any..
Transparent Headset Walkie talkie earpiece Baofeng BF-888S and UV5RModel much more discreet tran..

Earphone for Walkie talkie Baofeng BF-888S , UV5R

In Stock

3.03 EUR Ex Tax: 2.50 EUR

Headset Walkie talkie earpiece for Baofeng BF-888S and UV5R ..
Content:25Pcs 1N414825Pcs 1N400710Pcs 1N581910Pcs 1N539910Pcs FR10710Pcs FR2075Pcs 1N54085Pcs 1N5822..
CONTENTS:10 x Fuse 5x20 220v 0,2A 10 x Fuse 5x20 220v 0,5A 10 x Fuse 5x20 220v 1A 10 x Fuse..
Content:10 x TL431A10 x MMBT5551(2N5551-G1)10 x MMBT5401(2N5401-2L)10 x C1815(HF)10 x A1015(BA)10 x ..
Common transistor package L7805-L7824 Series / L79 Series / LM317T three terminal regulator pack 14 ..
Content:10 x 1N4727 1W 3V10 x 1N4728 1W 3.3V10 x 1N4729 1W 3.6V10 x 1N4730 1W 3.9V10 x 1N4732 1W 4.7..
Content:10 x S9012 10 x S9013 10 x S9014 10 x S9015 10 x S901810 x A1015 10 x C1815 10 x S8550 10 x ..
Features:Product Type: Multi-TurnNumber of Turns: Multi-TurnTaper: LinearPower Ratin..
CONTENTS:10 x Electrolytic Capacitor de 50V 1uF10 x Electrolytic Capacitor de 50V 3.3uF10 x Electrol..
CONTENTS:10 x Ceramic Capacitor 2pF10 x Ceramic Capacitor 3pF10 x Ceramic Capacitor 5pF10 x Ceram..
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