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Special liquid basin cleanliness for ultrasounds

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Isopropyl Alcohol is a highly versatile solvent which has a 1001 uses. Second only to water it is the most commonly used liquid for cleaning and is found in millions of products world wide.

* A Disinfectant for food preparation surfaces, table tops, counters, bars and other hard surfaces.
* Antiseptic and antibacterial agent.
* A general cleaner - excellent for cleaning glass & lenses. Can be used to clean virtually any surface. Removes light grease, oils, dirt, food stains etc. Evaporates quickly and leaves surface squeaky clean.
* A specialist cleaner - for computer equipment, electronic devices, contact pins, floppy disk drive heads, lenses of LASERS in optical disc drives (DVD,CD), removes thermal paste of CPUs. Cleans printer heads including Thermal Transfer.
* A sterilizer - For sterilising hands when preparing food or for medical personnel working in surgeries, clinics, First Aid Rooms, Nursing Homes, Hospitals etc.
* Sterilizing utensils, equipment etc eg acupuncturists needles, hairdressers combs etc.
* An Anti-Foamer and foam inhibitor.
* Can be mixed with fragrances to make airfreshners and deodorants.
* Can be used as a Deodoriser for spraying into shoes to eliminate odours.
* Used to make Rinse agents for Dishwashers.
* A solvent for diluting lacquers, PVC adhesives, dyes and printing inks.
* A graffiti remover for removing inks, markers, lipstick etc.
* A Deicer for locks and windscreens.
* Add to Windscreen washer reservoir for a spotless windscreen every time.
* Antifreeze.
* A fuel additive for dissolving water or ice in fuel lines.
* Cosmetics - hand lotions, deodorants, aftershaves.
* Body Rub - relieves muscle stiffness.

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