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XTRACTOR SPEAR ADDON FOR XTRACTOR 360 BY TEAM MAXIMUS(lite on key xtraction without solder)

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he Spear Add-on for the 360 Xtractor is a tool that makes the process of extracting a key from a Light-On drive totally solderless, without this tool the user would have to bridge the TX and RX points on the drive board with a soldering iron before they could use the Xtractor to read from the drive. The Spear add-on tool is for those people that have never soldered before, but know how to flash and don’t want to risk using a cheap iron on their drive and make a mistake, or also for tech guys in a hurry this tool makes the process just that little bit faster. The Spear add-on v1.0 is extremely simple to use and as always Maximus has made a great tutorial that explains step by step how to use the Spear Add-on with the Xtractor 360, you could go as far as saying that it’s totally plug and play. There are two lights on the Spear add-on, one is green which indicates power is on and there is a successful connection to the Xtractor, the second LED is blue, this LED will light up when you have made a connection to the TX point on the drive using the metal point on the end of the Spear add-on. Below is a link to the tutorial and a picture showing the basic layout of the Spear add-on, this package includes the Spear add-on itself and also the cable that will connect it to the 360 Xtractor.

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