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Digital Arcade Stick PS3

In Stock

24.19 EUR Ex Tax: 19.99 EUR

This Digital Arcade Stick features 8 buttons and the Turbo & Macro functional buttons. Those buttons..

Navigation Controller for PS3 Move

Not available

10.88 EUR Ex Tax: 8.99 EUR

Secondary control to use with the Playstation Move that will allow us to move the characters in some..
A high quality controller is an indispensable accessory to exciting game experience. If you are a ga..

PS3 3-in-1 Wireless Keyboard Controller Remote

Not available

18.15 EUR Ex Tax: 15.00 EUR

Symbols: To make use of symbols, hold down the SYMB key while depressing the key which contains the ..
Product Features-Seven-color LED, can be set into a fixed color or circularly change.-Charge the ps3..

PS3 Move 22in1 sports pack

Not available

9.68 EUR Ex Tax: 8.00 EUR

Specifications & Features1x PGA 22-in-1 SPORT PACK for PS3 Move .Realistic lightweight design that c..

PS3 Move light gun Red Color

Not available

4.24 EUR Ex Tax: 3.50 EUR

Gun Housing for your the Motion ControllerAdds realism to shooting GamesErgonomic Design(Playstation..

PS3 Move Wheel

In Stock

4.84 EUR Ex Tax: 4.00 EUR

Wheel for your the Motion ControllerAdds realism to Racing gamesErgonomic Design(Playstation Move Na..

PS3/PC USB Dual Shock Joypad

In Stock

5.45 EUR Ex Tax: 4.50 EUR

PS3/PC-USB Wire Controller Features:1- Fully compatible with PS3/PC USB1.0/1.1/1.2.2- Fully compatib..
PS3 GUITARE SANS FIL POUR P2/P3 Cette Guitare est compatible PS3 / PS2 :PS2: Guitar Hero1, GH2, ..

PS3/PS2/PC Racing Wheel With Pedal

Not available

27.82 EUR Ex Tax: 22.99 EUR

Description : * Programmable analog gas and brake pedal * Programmable gear shifter an..

QANBA N1 BLACK PS3/PC Arcade Joystick (fightstick)

In Stock

47.19 EUR Ex Tax: 39.00 EUR

Product Description The QanBa N1-GB Thunder is a good entry level fight stick option, ideally suite..
A high quality controller is an indispensable accessory to exciting game experience. If you are a ga..
Compatible WIRED Game Pad for PS4 DoubleShock 4 for playstation 4 with vibration exactly same functi..

Wrestle Fighting Stick for PS2/PS3/PC USB

Not available

21.16 EUR Ex Tax: 17.49 EUR

Characteristics:Supports PC, PS3, PS2, PS one, PSX.-Support Win98, WinME, Win2000, WinXP 32bit / 64b..
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