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Gamecube Keyboard/Joypad Converter 2-in-1

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Product Code: M030304

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The PS/2 Keyboard function is ideal for online gamers who wish to use their Keyboard for games such as Phantasy Star Online or others.

The PS™/PS2™ function allows you to connect your favourite PlayStation™ controller and play your Cube games with pads such as the Dual Shock 2™. The Converter supports vibration function and automatically detects analog/digital mode.

The Keyboard Converter 2in1 is easy to use and a great accessory for all Game Cube™ users. No external power supply is required and you can leave Keyboard & Controller connected at the same time.


Features Connect your PC Keyboard or PS™ Joypad to your Game Cube™
Features Supports US style PS/2 Keyboards to be connect to your Game Cube™
Features Supports PlayStation™ and PlayStation2™ compatible controllers to be connected to your Game Cube™
Features Automatic select between analog/digital mode (for PS™/PS2™ Pads)
Features Supports vibration function
Features Allows switching between Keyboard & Joypad mode while the game is running
Features No external power supplied required
Features Ideal for online games such as Phantasy Star Online or others
Rodrigo S.R30/11/2010

Este adaptador viene muy bien para usar tus mandos de PS2 y PSX en la Nintendo Wii, ojo, solo en juegos que soporten mandos de Game Cube, como el Smash Bros Brawl, a mi, en este juego, me funciona mejor un mando de PSX en vez de un mando de PS2, pero la v

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