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Iplayer [NDSi/NDS/NDS Lite]

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The name "iPlayer" means to play movies and music. iPlayer is a media player card for Nintendo DS and DSi users, which is designed with a high-performance decoder chip inside, allowing hardware decoding, it can play the main format of videos directly without converting.

After more than one years hard work, the iplayer Team has finally completed the product development, considered as a milestone, because of the realization of playing AVI/RMVB on DS directly by iPlayer, which is also the unique one could to do so world-wide. iPlayer is able to play all the main format of videos such as RMVB,RM,AVI,FLV,MPG,WMV on DS, and no converting, allowing you watch movies and listen to music on your DS and DSi more conveniently.

Basic operation guide:

direction buttons: files selecting (page up/page down)

A button: OK / open file

B button: Cancel / Close file

X button: increase volume

Y button: decrease volume

L button: previous music

R button: next music, brightness adjustment.

SELECT button: close the bottom screen when movie playing.
Quick Start Guide:

1. Copy the unzipped system files into MicroSD card, which could be downloaded from the official website, or could be found in CD.

2. Copy movies files into the folder named "VIDEO". Copy music files into the folder named "MUSIC".

3. Turn on the power of DS, then you could enjoy the movies and music.

Tips: For better experience, please use earphone.

Recommended format:
Avi,Rm/Rmvb,Mpeg,3gp,Flv,Mov, Wmv
Recommended parameter:
Resolution as 640 X 480 or lower
code rate as 2000 or lower.
Display mode:
Original mode,standard mode,full screen display

Recommended format:


Playing mode:

Loop all, sequence

play, random play, Loop single, single play.

L/R button:

could operate

the function of music selecting on/off.

iPlayer supports DLdi, which means fans could develop their own homebrews, and could also use the existing homebrews, such as DSOrganize,Moonshell, DSxReader, Reno Studio and so on.

So far you can browse the files only.

Brightness >> DSL---four level brightness adjustment, DSi---system tips to adjust brightness with SELECT + VOL+/VOL-

Language >> Chinese/English default, user could DIY more kinds of language.

Skins >> Standard skin only, user could add more.

Backlit >> user could customize the backlit time as 10s, 20s ,30s or do not close.

Homebrew patch >> open DLdi Port, open the function of soft reset.

Restore defaults

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