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Replacement Acer 90W AC Adapter 19V 4.74A

7.87 EUR
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Product Code: R010201

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Replacement Acer 90W AC Adapter 19V 4.74A
Input: AC100-240V (worldwide use)
Output: DC19V 4.74A
Power: 90W
Outlet: 3-prong

DC Connecter size:
Internal Diameter: 2.5mm
External Diameter: 5.5mm

Brand New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible!!
Compatible Part Number

Liteon PA-1900-05, ASUS ADP-65DB, AVERATEC LSE9802B2060, PA-1600-05, PA-1750-01, HP/COMPAQ CQPS1200, AC-C10, ADP-75FB, F1377A, F4814A, F1781A, F1454A, 309241-001, 308745-001, 310925-001, 298239-001, 222113-001, 198713-001, 180676-001, 177626-001, 247051-001, 247050-001, 246437-002, 246437-001,1 96345-B22, Dell PA-1600-06D1, F9710, FUJITSU FMV-AC315S, FPCAC34AP, FPCAC34, FPCAC33AP, FPCAC33, FPCAC26AP, FPCAC26, FPCAC25, CA01007-0960, CA01007-0930, CA01007-0920, CA01007-0890, GATEWAY SA80T-3115, 6500097, 6500723, 6500714, IBM 11J8627, 02K6900, NEC OP-520-75601, TOSHIBA PA3165U-1ACA, PA3097U-1ACA, PA3032U-1ACA, VIEWSONIC VSACC24666, TPC-PCA-002, SDH-ADPT-001, PA-1500-01, 91.47T28.001, VPR MATRIX VPRN-AC100, WINBOOK ADP-60DB
Fit Laptop Model

ACER AcerNote 367 ACER AcerNote 390series, ACER Extensa 360series, ACER Extensa 390series, ACER Extensa 900, ACER Extensa ESS3-391T

HP Compaq Business Notebook PC nx9000

HP Compaq Business Notebook PC nx9010
HP Compaq Business Notebook PC nx9000 DF983A

HP Pavilion ZE4000 Series ZE4000, ZE4100 series, ZE4200, ZE4300, ZE4400 Series, ZE4400, ZE4500, ZE4600,

HP Pavilion ZE5000, ZE5000 series, ZT series, ZT1000

Presario 1000series, Presario 1200, Presario 1200series, Presario 12XL series, Presario 1400, Presario 1400series, Presario 14XL series, Presario 1600, Presario 1600series, Presario 1700, Presario 1700series, Presario 17XL series, Presario 1800, Presario 1800series, Presario 18XL series, Presario 2700, Presario 2700 series, Presario 2700T, Presario 700, Presario 700series, Presario 710, Presario 720, Presario 800, Presario 800XL

HP Omnibook 2100, Omnibook 3000, Omnibook 3000series, Omnibook 3100 series, Omnibook 4000series, Omnibook 4100, Omnibook 4150, Omnibook 500, Omnibook 500series, Omnibook 6000series, Omnibook 6000 series, Omnibook 7000, Omnibook 7100, Omnibook 7100series, Omnibook 7150, Omnibook 900, Omnibook XE, Omnibook XE2, Omnibook XE3 series, Omnibook XE series, Omnibook XT series, Omnibook XZ, Omnibook ZE, Omnibook ZT, Pavilion 3270, Pavilion 5170, Pavilion N3000

DELL lnapiron 3000, lnapiron 3200, lnapiron 3500series, lnapiron 7000series

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