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Replacement for SONY NP-FP90

6.78 EUR
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Product Code: Q020302-FP90

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Voltage : 7.4V
Capacity : 2250mAh
Condition : Brand new
Battery Type : Li-Polymer
Compatible with camera:

Sony DCR-DVD105
Sony DCR-DVD105E
Sony DCR-DVD203
Sony DCR-DVD205
Sony DCR-DVD205E
Sony DCR-DVD305
Sony DCR-DVD403
Sony DCR-DVD404E
Sony DCR-DVD405
Sony DCR-DVD505
Sony DCR-DVD505E
Sony DCR-DVD605E
Sony DCR-DVD705E
Sony DCR-DVD755E
Sony DCR-DVD805E
Sony DCR-DVD905E
Sony DCR-DVD92
Sony DCR-HC17
Sony DCR-HC21
Sony DCR-HC23E
Sony DCR-HC24E
Sony DCR-HC26
Sony DCR-HC26E
Sony DCR-HC28E
Sony DCR-HC32
Sony DCR-HC35E
Sony DCR-HC41
Sony DCR-HC42
Sony DCR-HC44E
Sony DCR-HC46
Sony DCR-HC46E
Sony DCR-HC85
Sony DCR-HC94E
Sony DCR-HC96
Sony DCR-HC96E
Sony DCR-SR100
Sony DCR-SR50
Sony DVD755
Sony DVD805
Sony DVD905

And all others that can use this type of battery, please check your manual to see suported battery models.

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