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Replacement for SAMSUNG SB-L110

9.39 EUR
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Product Code: Q020102-SB-L110

  • Ex Tax: 7.76 EUR

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  • 20 or more 7.70 EUR

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Voltage : 7.4V
Capacity : 1450mAh
Condition : Brand new
Battery Type : Li-Ion
Compatible with camera:

Samsung SCD-20
Samsung SCD-21
Samsung SCD-23
Samsung SCD-24
Samsung SCD-27
Samsung SCD-31
Samsung SCD-323
Samsung SCD-325
Samsung SCD-327
Samsung SCD-33
Samsung SCD-34
Samsung SCD-530
Samsung SCD-590
Samsung SCD-93
Samsung SCD-99
Samsung VP-D101
Samsung VP-D103
Samsung VP-D105
Samsung VP-D107
Samsung VP-D20
Samsung VP-D21
Samsung VP-D23
Samsung VP-D230
Samsung VP-D24
Samsung VP-D250
Samsung VP-D26
Samsung VP-D270
Samsung VP-D301
Samsung VP-D303
Samsung VP-D305
Samsung VP-D307
Samsung VP-D323
Samsung VP-D325
Samsung VP-D327
Samsung VP-D39
Samsung VP-D530
Samsung VP-D55
Samsung VP-D590
Samsung VP-D6040
Samsung VP-D6050
Samsung VP-D65
Samsung VP-D7L
Medion MD41859
Medion MD9021
Medion MD9021n
Medion MD9035
Medion MD9035n
Medion MD9069
Medion MD9069n
Medion MD9090

And all others that can use this type of battery, please check your manual to see suported battery models

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