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Replacement for CANON CANON BP-608

4.84 EUR
Not available

Product Code: Q020204-BP-608

  • Ex Tax: 4.00 EUR

  • 2 or more 4.65 EUR
  • 10 or more 4.40 EUR
  • 20 or more 3.87 EUR

Ways of delivery:

  • Ctt Expresso
  • Collissimo 
  • Bartolini 
  • DPD
  • Swiss Post
  • EMS

Payment Methods:

  • Cash on delivery (Spain & Portugal)
  • Payment by Paypal
  • Payment with Visa, Mastercard
  • ​Payment by Bank Transfer


Voltage : 7.4V
Capacity : 1400mAh
Condition : Brand new
Battery Type : Li-Polymer
Compatible with camera

Canon C2
Canon DM-MV1
Canon DM-MV10
Canon E1
Canon E2
Canon E30
Canon ES-4000
Canon ES-8100V Hi8
Canon ES300V
Canon ES4000
Canon ES410V
Canon ES420V
Canon ES50
Canon ES5000
Canon ES520A
Canon ES55
Canon ES60
Canon ES6000
Canon ES65
Canon ES6500V
Canon ES7000ES
Canon ES7000V
Canon ES75
Canon ES8000V
Canon ES8100V
Canon ES8200V
Canon ES8400V
Canon ES8600
Canon FV1
Canon G1000
Canon G10Hi
Canon G1500
Canon G15Hi
Canon G2000
Canon G20Hi
Canon G30Hi
Canon G35Hi
Canon G45Hi
Canon GL1
Canon GL2
Canon MV1
Canon MV10
Canon MV10i
Canon MV20
Canon MV200
Canon MV200i
Canon Optura
Canon Optura Pi
Canon UCV10
Canon UCV100
Canon UCV10Hi
Canon UCV20
Canon UCV200
Canon UCV20Hi
Canon UCV300
Canon UCV30Hi
Canon UCX1Hi
Canon UCX2
Canon UCX2Hi
Canon UCX30Hi
Canon UCX40Hi
Canon UCX45Hi
Canon UCX50
Canon UCX50Hi
Canon UCX55Hi
Canon Ultura
Canon V40
Canon V400
Canon V40Hi
Canon V420
Canon V500
Canon V50Hi
Canon V520
Canon V60Hi
Canon V65Hi
Canon V72
Canon Vistura

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