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Motorola EmmidroidCharacteristics:Motorola unlock any phone, including xx.13.xx version of Flashchange languajeschange logosChange melodies and ringtonesFix broken phones for trying to unlock tampered with old boxes.Moto... Read more...

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Motorola Emmidroid

Motorola unlock any phone, including xx.13.xx version of Flash
change languajes
change logos
Change melodies and ringtones
Fix broken phones for trying to unlock tampered with old boxes.
Motorola phone repair
It includes Motorola EMMI-DROID box with all necessary software programs and EMMIDROID.Emmidroid is a Hard / Soft package that can connect any mobile phone based on Motorola DCS_BUS the PC.
Hardware is commonly known as EMMIBOX (Electric Man-Machine Interface).
Emmidroid works with a stack / standard 9V Battery .
It requires no external power supply, which provides a mayorautonomia for use in laptops.
Emidroid V2.3 allows release any Motorola phone based on DCS_BUS, including xx.13.xx versions
The only phones that can not be released are the models T191, T192, T193 and V66.
It is anticipated that the V66 can be released in the next version of the software.
Motorola phones can be classified into two groups, depending on the CPU incorporating:

68000 CPU based phones such as:
7500, 6200, CD920, CD930, CD928, L2000, CD520, D170, D160, M3588, STARTAC, T250, etc.
ARM-based CPU for example Telephone directories:
V3688, V2288, V8088, T2288, V50, V100, V66
With Emidroid V2.3 is possible to dump (dump) the flash of any Motorola phone and save it in a bin file type.
The dumpeado ROM is performed at a rate of 1 Mbyte in 2.5 minutes versus nearly 75 minutes per MByte it takes the Motokey of Zulea.
It is also possible to load a file type flex (phone settings, including logos musics, calendar, etc.) us any phone.
The current version allows to flash all phones based on CPU 68000 and V3688 based on ARM cpu.
It is anticipated that future versions of the software possible flash all phones based on ARM cpu.
The equipment allows flasheado repair any error, allowing flash even in cases where the phone does not start.
To do this the team fully implements the DCS protocol including the 3 layers, allowing timing control and retries if frame errors, which ensures that the phone will be released the first ever without any danger.
Roemis and other clips of the market, do not implement the DCS protocol, simply send a series of more message to mobile, without analyzing the response from this. These were obtained logeando more message dialogue between a EMMIBOX Motorola and a particular mobile phone.

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