About Us Satkit.com

About Us Satkit.com

Satkit was born in the year 2000 for the online commercialization of products for the visualization of tv by satellite, and that is the origin of our name since originally we originally sold kits for satellite, and in these last 18 years we have expanded the categories of products to satisfy the demands of our customers.
At the present time Satkit.com bases its product line on 5 basic categories, products for electronics, mobile phone spare parts, video games accessories , tools and diagnostic equipment for vehicles.
In these 18 years Satkit has served over 300,000 orders to more than 180,000 customers over all Europe.
We are distributors of several brands such as Aoyue, Mlink, Zhuomao, Siglent, Hantek, Mastech, Uyigao, Victor, Kage, Amtech, Openbox, Freesat, Mechanic, Baofeng, Kaisi, Konnwei, Sunkko, Puhui, Xtool, HoldPeak, Autek, QANBA, Alpha, Pmtc, Best

Our objectives have been for all this time
Quality of service.
Personalized attention.
Speed of delivery. In peninsula we normally deliver between 1 and 4 days, depending on the destination.
Price / Quality. All our products pass rigorous quality controls. You won't make a mistake buying any of our items.

We are aware of the importance of personalized attention and for this we provide all the means at our disposal. Service of attention by e-mail, Telephone and Whatsapp, with our clients on the part of our commercial and technical staff, who will advise and help you to solve your doubts. 

Where are we at?

SatKit Electronica S. L.
Pi estacio Mercaderies sn
43896 Aldea  

How to contact us?

Telephone: +34977276047 -Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 13:00 and from 15:15 to 18:15 
Whatsapp: +34644353883
Email: consultas@satkit.com